Milestone and Main Achievements


Since 1978, Pihsiang Machinery MFG. Co., Ltd., has been innovating and developing mobility scooters, and it all started with the world’s  first T-Handle bar scooter.

These innovations are reflected by the hundreds of patents that the company owns, which also make the products market leaders. Customers get the best out of these innovations as their electric scooters and wheelchairs are modern and reliable.

In 1995, Pihsiang Machinery MFG. Co., Ltd. received the CE Mark certification and began delivering customers in Europe and the United States. Today, Shoprider Europe SA is proud to announce that with its newly created European Branch, it can be closer to its customers, thus providing an even better service on a European level.


Here are the most important milestones in the History of Pihsiang

2013    European Headquarter
In 2013 – Establishing European Headquarter of Shoprider

2008    Battery technology
In October 2008, Pihsiang developed its electric cars purely powered by its innovative battery technology (DOSBAS®)

2005    Lithium Battery
In 2005, Pihsiang develops the most environmental friendly C-coated Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery (PAT. C-LiFePO4).

2001    Stock exchange
In 2001, Taiwan Stock Exchange authorized Pihsiang to be the first company listed in the Biomedical Technology Sector.

1990    Certifications
In 1990s, Pihsiang also received certification and approvals from FDA (U.S.A), JIS (Japan), ADP (Canada), TNO (Netherlands) and TGA (Australia).

1989    First T-handle bar four-wheeled scooter
In 1989, Pihsiang became the pioneer to launch the first T-handle bar four-wheeled electric scooter in the world for handicapped or elderly people.

1983    Establishment
Pihsiang Machinery MFG. Co. Ltd. was established in 1983

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